New Wedding Shawl Needed!

Once I decided that I was going to buy a wedding dress, one of my friends sent me an email with a dress buying plan of action. You must realize that I was in the home stretch with less than 3 months to go! Her advise was to focus on conisgnment shops and sample sales. Fortunately, one of my knitting friends forwarded me an issue of Top Button where I saw a sale at Mark Ingram, a high end boutique.

As with all things bridal an appointment was required. I got there and joined the action. One thing that I loved about going to this sample sale is that thre were other women who were shopping for their dresses on their own! I tried on about 4 dresses. Three of them were designed by Jenny Packham who is British and whose work appears in New York Magazines’ Weddings.

Think art deco movie star. It is champagne with incredible beading that looks grey. The dress is champagne colored silk satin with glass beads and rhinestones. I am lucky that it fits perfectly except for the hem!

As a result, I decided that I might need a cover up and the white Lilies of the Field isn’t going to work. UGH!

Therefore, I went on a search of my LYS to find the appropriate colored laceweight yarn. I tried Knitty City, The Point, Annie’s and The Yarn Connection. After consulting and bringing several options back to check against the dress, none of them work.

Finally, I decided to return to Sarah’s Yarns with the photo of the dress (where the color is off but it’s better than nothing!) Sarah and I looked at a couple of dye lots of Zepher. Seeing the colors made a HUGE difference. I bought a steel grey.

Since the dress is highly beaded, I am adapting  a lace detail from Victorian Lace Today which consists of interlocking diamonds and integrated this design into the Lily of the Valley frame. Due to time and minimizing frilliness, I am only knitting the center with a garter stitch frame. I will fini sh it with a single crocheted border. Time isn’t my friend at this point because I’m on the clock. I project that I will need 400 rows of lace knitting.

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