Mom's Black Lace Scarf Progresses

Before starting the black lace scarf for my mother, I spent a lot of time going through my various knitting books focused on lace shawls and stitch guides. Since I was going to be knitting in black, I wanted an easy pattern that only needed a few rows of pattern.

I started out assuming that my mom wanted a relatively wide scarf like the one that I’m making for my sister in grey. While we were at her house, I showed her two of the options. One was a wide version of the Ribbon Lace Scarf that I’m making for my sister and  the other was a razor shell pattern from Barbara Walker’s A Treasury of Knitting Patterns, which was narrower.

To my surprise, she liked the narrower razor shell pattern. It is a traditional Shetland pattern which makes a nice stripe pattern. It has the great advantage of being a one row pattern and the size of the pattern can be modified depending on the width that you want. What’s nice is how the edge forms a nice scallop pattern.

Mom's Black Lace Scarf - Razor Stitch Up Close

Mom's Black Lace Scarf - Razor Stitch Up Close

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