Lace Ribbon Scarf – Second Version in Koigu Finished!

I have knitted the two skeins of Koigu merino in an array of reds and purples to coordinate with this season’s colors into a second version of Veronik Avery’s Lace Ribbon Scarf. I bought this yarn over the summer at Loop in Philadelphia.

Since I only had two skeins for a total of 350 yards, I made a few modifications to the pattern. I reduced the pattern by one repeat and added an additional knit stitch at each end to give the scarf more of a knitted frame like traditional lace. I also added 6 rows of garter stitches at the beginning and end of the scarf. In addition to completing the border, it helps the lace to lay better.

I knitted until I had enough for the last 6 rows and bindoff. I measured the width of the scarf and multiplied by 4 for each row.

While I would have liked a longer scarf, I love it! I make a loop and hook the ends through it.

Koigu Ribbon Lace Scarf in Reds and Purples

Koigu Ribbon Lace Scarf in Reds and Purples

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