Knitting Resolutions for the New Year

Starting 2008 with a mere two UFOs (a lace shawl/scarf in navy mohair and my Souvenir socks in bamboo and cotton), I’m turning my focus to what I call my wedding knitting. These are items that I’m making for my upcoming wedding and honeymoon. I have promised to limit myself to a few select items in an attempt to reduce stress. Therefore between now and the end of May, I plan to knit the following:

  • The Essential Tank Top by Laura Zukaite (Lace Style) in 85% silk/15% cashmere in bubble gum pink. This top is a challenge since it consists  entirely of lace with a 36 row pattern.
  • Annie Modesitt’s Silk Ribbed Lace Corset in 100% silk. This will become the top of my wedding dress. (Yes, he’s already seen it. Also, I’m allowing enough time so that I can buy a dress if I don’t like how it turns out.)
  • Lily of the Valley Shawl by Nancy Bush (Lace Style). This will be used for a wedding-related ceremony.

While I expect to knit fewer pieces, I am looking to take my knitting to the next level in terms of skills and finished products. Even my mother is getting bragging rights over the fact that I’m planning to knit the top for the wedding.

Also, I plan to make the kipot for the wedding ceremony with the help of friends and family. This will require improved crocheting skills. I’m reaching back into my deep memory since I did quite a bit of the hooked art when I was a teenager. 

In particular, this year, I pushing myself in terms of lace although after the wedding I plan to make a more elaborate cable sweater for the man with some chunky merino from Silk City Fibers.

As always, I hope to make sufficient room in my stash to allow for new fiber ventures including the Maryland and Rhinebeck Sheep and Wool Festivals.

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