Jean Moss' Sculptured Knits Discovered

Rains have swept through New York City and between the rain drops the sky is gray as it was blotted with grey cotton. I had harbored hopes of heading out to Paterson, NJ where Silk City Fibers is having their monthly sale but the weather is a deterent (as is the pile of midterms that need to be graded by Tuesday!)

After several hours of being bound to my desk wading through exams, I trekked down to The Point to meet my Saturday afternoon knitters. The store  was relatively empty due to the weather.

Synchroncity hits. I have some of my Noro Lilly in orange and varigated orange/red/blue in my bag to wind. I figure that I’ll make something for my honeymoon. As I’m about to settle in, my friend Enid steers me to the sale bin where the remains of the orange Lilly are piled. I’m enticed and buy 2 more skiens so that I have some extra to play with.

Having spent the  afternoon trying to find the right pattern, none called to me. So, on my way home, I stopped at B&N on Fifth Avenue, the one that specializes in college textbooks. I discovered that they had a great selection of knitting books and the woman working in the department was knitter to boot!

I happened upon Jean Moss’ Sculptured Knits which is a treasure of a book. It is packed with great patterns and there are stories that associate each with art and related trends.

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