Jean Moss Saffron Tunic in Beige Cotton

Knitting a wool sweater during the summer  is difficult, even if it’s August and stores are starting to show the next season’s rich colors. It’s still too hot to think about heavier fibers and, if you knit on the beach as I do, using wools and other winter fibers makes your hands sweat (sorry to bring this point up!) Therefore, for my next sweater project, I decided to make a cotton sweater which has the great advantage of being easy to cope with in the heat from knitting perspective and can span multiple seasons as a finished product.

For this project, I decided to adapt (my knitting friends would say that I rarely knit a project as it’s written!) the Saffron Tunic from Jean Moss’ Sculptured Knits.  The pattern is great since the stitch looks like it’s made of cables but in fact it’s a fairly easy lace pattern. The  major change that I made to the pattern was to make it work for my measurements since it’s really a girl/teenager pattern.

I am using the new Jaeger Sienna in beige that I bought at our Webs Detour last month.  As with many of my projects, I have to start knitting the body and check my gauge despite swatching! This sweater was no different. Often, this translates having to rip precious work.

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