In Praise of Ravelry

I heard about Ravelry when I signed up for a Knitted Lingerie KAL last September. While I haven’t become a power user nor have I uploaded my stash and projects, I find it a great resource  as a knitter. 

Ravelry has functionality to track your stash, needles and  knitting projects. Further, there is an abundance of  active bulletin boards, where there’s something of interest for every knitter.

In my opinion, its strength is that it shows and rates various published patterns. Before purchasing a book, you can see many, if not all of the patterns. If the book has been out for a while, it shows the pattern, the materials needed and users’ projects with photos, details of yarn, etc. and ratings of the project and difficulty. This is particularly useful if you’re like me and want to use a pattern with a different yarn.

When I visited Loopy in Chicago, the manager and I pursued Ravelry to see how others had used the hemp that I wanted to purchase. (Hint: yarn stores get a computer and a Ravelry ID so your customers can use this functionality to purchase your array of fiber!) Seeing other people’s work has inspired me to try patterns that I might have thought beyond my skill level!

While trolling around Ravelry, I’ve decided to knit the top to my wedding dress. (More on that to follow!)

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