Happy Birthday – Sister’s Birthday Vest

For my sister’s birthday, I decided to make her something special. Since I didn’t allow myself very much planning time, I was lucky that I had some wonderful Kyoto from my trip last September to ArtFibers with partner in knitting Amanda.  Even better is the fact that this luscious blend of 75% silk and 20% mohair was in a deep royal purple which happens to be this year’s “it” fashion color!


Given that my sister’s wardrobe is peppered with grey and black outfits (despite living in suburban Los Angeles, no one’s informed her wardrobe to give up the always stylish New York black!). This will make a great background for my fitted vest.


Of course, my sister thinks that I’m a mind reader. When I asked her for her measurements to ensure that the vest was a perfect fit, she told me her bra and pants size. With these only marginally helpful guidelines, I decided to aim for something that fit me and hopefully was a svelte fit for her. Since I only had 605 yards of yarn, I decided to made a plain tank top like vest with 6 rows of garter stitch edging to prevent rolling.


Having made many vests and tank tops, I made a small swatch and used that as a guide. Given Kyoto’s delicate nature, I tried not to have multiple starts as I do with many of my projects.


During the knitting I prayed that my sizing would be correct. With size 7 needles, it went fast since much of what I have been making has been on size 2 and 3 needles.


In total it took about a week to make and I was surprised to discover that it fit me perfectly.


Since my sister was in town for her birthday, I lent her my apartment. I decorated it with hokey pop-up birthday decorations. I left the vest in a gold bag along with two champagne flutes. In the frig, I left a bottle of champagne and a chocolate cake with candles taped to the top.


Purple Kyoto Yarn From ArtFibers in San Francisco

Purple Kyoto Yarn From ArtFibers in San Francisco


P.S. Sorry that I didn’t take a photo of the finished vest.


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