Chevron Rib Tank Grows Sleeves

On the way home from dinner with friends, we walked past Eileen Fisher. In the window, there was  a ribbed long sleeve sweater in the new gold and brick red colors of fall.  The ribs met at an angle across the front.

This inspired me to make a long sleeve sweater with ribs using the purple Twinkle Toes yarn that I had bought at Tess Yarns. I decided to use Ann Budd’s Chevron Rib Tank as the basis for the front and back. (Note: For the tank, the back is just straight ribs.) I would then add long sleeves since I wanted a winter sweater.

Before starting, I did check out Ravelry which is a great source for discovering how other knitters adapt exisitng patterns. The comments had to do with where the bottom point fell relative to the crouch area.

I swatched and tested the pattern.  Based on my swatch, I wound up knitting with size 2 needles.  In the process, I realized that it was a difficult pattern to estimate since without knitting a sizable portion of the front (or back) it was hard to estimate how deep the point of the V would go.

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