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Lace Style’s Lily of the Valley by Nancy Bush calls for Jaggerspun merino. When I showed this pattern to one of my knitting buddies, she recommended using Jaggerspun’s zephyr instead. It is a wonderful merino and silk combination which has a nice sheen to it.

Further she informed me that it could be purchased through Sarah’s Yarn which sells it in cones. When I first called and explained that I was planning to make a shawl related to my wedding, Sarah’s was out of white. Persistently, I followed up until they got a new shipment.

Since it’s a 1/2 hour trip from Manhattan, I trekked out to get the yarn without waiting for it to arrive in the mail. What I discovered was a very helpful woman who poured through books helping me to find the optimal shawl for my wedding. She printed out a pattern for a wedding veil (although on better inspection, I think that it is beyond my talents.)

She was also a good sales person since she persuaded me to buy some additional silk for the wedding dress top. Because her prices were so reasonable (and it was for my wedding, a great excuse for spending money), added the silk to my order.  Since it was past closing time, she asked if she could send me the yarn. So much for wanting to leave with my purchases! 

The package arrived and I couldn’t wait to start my project. Of course that has translated to more swatching.

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