Annie Modesitt's Lace Corset-Swatched, Started & Stashed

For my upcoming wedding, I have been swatching and reswatching to get the correct gauge for Annie Modesitt’s Lace Corset, one of my three related projects. I haven’t written about it since this swatching has left me feeling unenthusiatic about my knitting.

I finally got past the swatching stage! The pattern is knit from the top down which is new for me. I got to the armholes and wasn’t pleased with the way that the stitches looked. I kept telling myself that it was okay since it was under the arm. My mother advised that it looked good and to keep going.

At the end of the first ball, I tried it on and there was an inch gap in the front that no amount of breathing in would reduce. So I left the piece on the scrap yarn. The challenge of changing the size of the corset is the fact that it has a 14 stitch repeat which makes the sizes jump about 2″ for each set of repeats.  

While, at The Point, where I was meeting a friend to start the top again, a fellow shopper noticed the pattern. She had made it in cotton and recommended knitting it in the round. I thought that sounded good although changing the pattern to move the place where the rows started took a lot of math for some reason.

Once I started knitting it was smooth going until I got to the armholes (again). I took a deep breath and did them. When I looked at the piece again the next day, I decided that I didn’t like it.

The pressure (or more precisely panic) of having the ultimate, wonderful wedding dress set in. As a result, I couldn’t touch the piece for a few days and looked at my pattern books and stash. It was a funny feeling that nothing was calling me.

Then I woke up and decided to put aside my desire to knit the top for my wedding. Suddenly, I felt a sense of relief and I knew that I had made the right decision.

I put the UFOs in the closet with the rest of my stash and my mind was already racing towards the next project. Every bright color was calling me….

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