Yarn Treats from Mom's Berkshire Adventure

While my parents’ main objective for visiting Lenox, MA was to hear the Boston Pops at Tanglewood, my mother, a knitter herself, used the visit as an excuse to check out the local yarn emporiums, Colorful Stitches in Lenox, MA and Wonderful Things in Great Barrington, MA.

My boyfriend and I were in Lenox earlier this summer where he treated me to some bamboo sock yarn. To my surprise, I’ve been making slow but steady progress on these “Souvenir Socks” as I call them.

Sock Yarn from MA

Gifts from mom. My boyfriend’s hoping for socks from the middle ball!

Knowing that I like Colorful Stitches, my mom asked if I needed anything. (Note: The operative word was need.) What knitter doesn’t NEED more wool for her stash? Or rather, what knitter doesn’t have enough wool in her stash to keep her busy for at least a year?

I mentioned that I could use two sets of size 1 double pointed needles since I was considering trying to make some more socks. Well that empowered my mother to purchase some sock yarn as well. (It helps that a pair of socks is a reasonably priced purchase no matter how fancy the yarn!) Like many knitters, my mother was enticed by more than one colorway!

While we were up at my folks for a Labor Day Weekend bar-b-que, my mother gave me these goodies!

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