The Point of This Sale Is to Help Others!

This weekend, my favorite knitting spot in New York City, The Point, is having its “End of Summer” Sale. (Of course, they didn’t consult me with regard to the sale’s name which they’re calling September Sale.)

Not only is this a great opportunity for knitters to add to their stash (and what knitter can’t rationalize stash enhancement at great savings???), but also it’s a chance to help others by donating your poor, your tired, your unwanted yarn to a great cause, an organization that makes knitted goods for women in domestic abuse shelters.

As a knitter and a marketer (a fact that I may not have mentioned so far on this blog), I commend this secondary sale. It gives knitters an opportunity to destash for a cause. Who can’t pass that up since it allows room for stash enhancement, a favorite knitting activity. This is particularly important in New York City where stash storage is at a premium given the microscopic size of most apartments. Face it–no knitter wants to be confronted with the choice of stash or shoes!

From a marketing perspective (and much of my knitting doesn’t allow me to pontificate on this subject that’s also near and dear to my heart), this destashing is great marketing. It associates The Point with a cause that can use more visibility and it encourages shopping at a later point in time so that it doesn’t compete with the current sale. Further, as many marketers know (and knitters should take heed), coupons are great since they build brand awareness and drive folks to your store but many coupons are never redeemed since customers forget about them or misplace them. 

The sale offering was broad as was the number of fellow knitters on hand to take advantage of it. By the time I arrived, the selection was somewhat depleted. As a result, I contented myself with a donation and a coupon which I hope to remember that I have so I can buy some winter weight wool.

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  1. I’m so glad you liked the sale. We are going to be doing more with Charity knitting. This month we will be featuring information about the Red Scarf Project. There will be a table display and free patterns offered. We are also offering our store as a meeting place for those working on charity knitting on Tuesday afternoons. Knitters have a generous nature, and we LOVE that!!

    Patty, Manager the Point Knitting Cafe
    37A Bedford Street
    NY, NY 10014

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