Reward = Yarn Shopping

Despite being the last week of summer, the lull before the serious back-to-school, summer’s over mentality returns, I’ve been busy with work. Since we’re staying local this holiday weekend, I wandered into two  NYC yarn stores on my way home as a treat.  Though the city was hot and humid, the streets were filled with employees leaving early for their 3 day weekend.

My first stop was School Products. I used to find this store a treasure trove of unusual yarns. It’s a great location when you can’t find the Karabella yarn you need elsewhere since they manufacture it and carry the full range of their offering. But the extremely unfriendly staff who are more interested in selling another ball of yarn than in establishing a relationship means that I rarely go there. But I wanted to see what they had in stock for this fall.  Thankfully, a phone call cut short my visit so I didn’t have to deal with the unpleasant staff!

My second stop was Habu Textiles, the distributor of wonderful, unusual fibers. Hidden on the 8th floor of an offfice building on 29th Street, their showroom is more oriented to retailers than consumers. If you’re looking for well versed staff who can help you with your knitting dilemnas, this place isn’t for you. The mostly Japanese staff’s English isn’t very good. That said, it’s well worth your visit, especially if you’re the type of knitter who is inspired by out-of-the-ordinary fibers. Further, the staff lets you wander around and you have to ask to be served. Be warned though, these precious treats can be pricey!

Being over my stash limit, I allowed myself a small treat anyway. I bought 170 yards of silvery gray fiber made from pineapple. Can you believe that you can knit with the fiber from a delicious fruit? It has a thin ropey texture which will make a great little shopping bag.

Pineapple Fiber from Habu Textiles

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