Overcast Knitting on Fire Island

Despite yesterday’s seemingly endless rain, the wet has moved on leaving low hanging clouds across the horizon on our stretch of beach in Fire Island. My boyfriend and I were among the brave souls who watched the tides break across the beach. I managed to add 10 rows to the After Dark Nightie before a light sprinkle caused us to retreat to the house for fear of more showers!

Deserted Fair Harbor Beach 082207

The silver lining was that it gave us an opportunity to wear my knitted creations. Here’s a shot of my boyfriend in the rust colored v-neck I made him for his birthday although he was too shy to appear in this blog. (I wrapped the yarn up as a present and gave him the finished sweater two months later when I finished knitting it.)

  The sweater is a pattern from Teva Durham’s Loop-D-Loop. As I do with many of my projects, I changed the fiber. I substituted raw silk that I purchased in a 2 pound cone from Silk City Fiber last December. I had bought the yarn to make something for my boyfriend since it’s a great color for him. (BTW, I had enough silk left over for what I call a recycle project, something made from the remains of another project where I no longer consider the fiber as part of my stash.) The silk was so unforgiving that I needed to purchase my first set of Addi Turbos (which I have avoided since my knitting tends to be loose) but knitting with either plastic or bamboo caused my hands to hurt after a couple of rows.

Rust Sweater on Fire Island

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