Origami Cardi Recalculated and Re-swatched

As a post-conference treat, I took my Origami Cardi to Caribou Coffee, a Starbucks competitor which has a northern feel to the interior and very friendly, helpful staff. While imbibing a large caffinated cappuccino to mitigate my throbbing headache, I sat and recalculated the stitches required for my gauge. My calculations showed that I could reduce my base number of stitiches to the number after the pattern’s reduction when stockingknit stitch is used.

Therefore on the plane back to New York, I returned to swatching (not my favorite activity) which I’ve learned to make peace with since it puts me on a better track to a fitted garment. (Note: I don’t always wash and block it like I should but I’m approaching that point.)

As suggested by the helpul staff at Loopy, I did a few repeats of the berry in box pattern and decreased as directed in the pattern. I found that the swatch went in signficantly which I didn’t like. Therefore, I decided to knit the pattern using the number of stitches after the decrease. This should allow me sufficient wool to complete the project despite the fact that due to my choice of yarn and my knitting I’m using size 3 needles and getting about 5.6 stitches to the inch.

Origami Cardi Pattern

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