Origami Cardi Over Chicago Trailed by Navy Lace Scarf

Having done my math, I cast on for the back of the Origami Cardi in the car service to Newark Airport. Using my gauge, I figured that I needed 195 stitches, which is way more than I’ve ever cast on before!

That said, I continued valiently through 5 rows of the berry in the box pattern as our flight sped towards Chicago. Just as the captain came on the loudspeaker to announce our discent into Chicago, I came to the realization that the work was way too big (about 4 inches to be precise!). This gave me a sense of relief only insofar as  the pattern was chewing through yarn at a rapid pace.

All I could think of was the fact that I was going to spend five days in Chicago with only socks to knit!

I put the Cardi away and dug out my navy blue mohair (Lang Venezia) to start a small lacey shawl. I had bought the mohair at Webs this summer. All they had was three balls of navy at $5.00 per ball with 130 meters. My plan is to knit until I run out of yarn.

Patty, the new manager at The Point, gave me the following lace pattern that she used on  a sleeveless top. So far, it’s knitting up well.

Multiples of 6 +1

Row 1: RS K1 *yo  sl1 k1 yo psso* repeat from *

Row 2: WS *P2 drop yo from needle * repeat from * end P1

Row 3: RS K2 *yo sl1 K1 you psso* repeat from * end K1

Row 4: WS P1 *P2 drop yo from needle* repeat from * end P1

PSSO=Pass slip stitch on right needle over stitches.

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