Origami Cardi Causes Yarn Adventure in Forest Park

When I remeasured the Origami Cardi on a flat surface the next day, I discovered that despite my math it measured about four inches too long. This could account for the fact that it was taking forever to knit one row and using lots of yarn.

Back to the pattern and calculator, I realized that the pattern decreased two stitches for every bump in the pattern. My initial swatch showed a relatively smooth transition from stocking knit to the pattern. This was motivation for a short trip to the local yarn store for additional needles so I could leave the knitting untouched while I tested other swatches and possibly a new project!

We were visiting friends in Oak Park which had this wonderful store, the Tangled Web, which unfortunately has gone out of business.

Not to worry, there is an inviting knitting haven one town over in Forest Park called Chix With Stix.  It has a large table and comfy sofa in front where friends can patiently wait.  The store is light and airy. It carries a range of yarns to fit most budgets.

I was impressed with its Breast Cancer Awareness window where pink yarn and knit items were attractively draped. 

Chix With Stix- Forest Park, IL

 Here’s a shot of the Breast Cancer Awareness Window dressed in pink yarns.

Inside Chix With Stix


Here’s a shot of their work table which is inviting.

Chix With Stix -Another interior view

This is a view of the wonderfully yarn stacked shelves! 

While my desire for a new project or more yarn to coordinate with the Origami Cardi yarn,  While socks aren’t my favorite projects, I was willing to start a pair for my boyfriend if I could find a nice wool that would knit on something larger than #0 and didn’t cost over $40 for socks!  This was our second visit to Chix With Stix where the staff was helpful without being intimidating.  

Although I didn’t find yarn for another project, I was lucky to find that they had Crystal Palace Bamboo circular needles on sale at 50% off. These needles are heavenly to use. I bought #3 and #4 which at least allowed me to swatch the Origami Cardi without ripping my other work!

Cash In Hand - Crystal Palace Bamboo Circular Needles Purchased

Here’s a shot of the friendly Saturday manager taking my cash for my new bamboo needles.

 While my purchases were limited to needles, the manager was helpful when I asked for recommendations for stores in downtown Chicago.

Chix With Stix is even inviting for friends wh are not enticed by their great selection and welcoming knitting environment! 

Comfy Partner Sofa at Chix With Stix

Every knitting store has an SOS (aka – significant other’s seating). The sofa at Chix With Stix is particularly inviting. 

The great part about visiting Chix With Stix is that there is a fantastic ice cream place with homemade ice cream next door. I had a scoop of apple brown betty complete with the crumbly nuggets in it.

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  1. “Friendly Saturday Manager” here! ;)

    OMG, Heidi! Those are GREAT pics of our store! Thanks SO much!

    Im SO glad you had fun while you were here. You come back and visit next time you are in town! The Significant Other Seating area will be waiting!


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