Origami Cardi-Am I Up to the Challenge?

As my current projects near finishing, I’m at that point where I ponder my stash and patterns to determine which project calls out to me loudest. Norah Gaughan’s Origami Cardi in the Summer issue of Interweave Magazine kept intriguing me. The problem was that the  photograph of the cardi in the magazine didn’t reveal the true nature of this unusual top. Interweave was using that great line used by many men I’ve dated over the years “Trust me!” which as any woman knows means exactly the opposite!

Fortunately, I had started reading Sandi Wiseheart’s blog, Knitting Daily, where she decided to show the cardi true nature with side views and explanations. Further, there are links showing how the sweater fits on different size bodies! Given the sweater’s unique construction, this added input was the deciding factor for me!

Not being one to mind that I didn’t have the specific fiber specified in the pattern, I decided to use some antique green blue face leichster wool that I bought at last May’s Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival from a small supplier. It had been recommended by a member of my Upper Westside Knitting group. While a thinner gauge than the pattern called for, I had 1,400 yards.

Since the pattern calls for a cotton/wool combination, I figured that using a 100% wool would be fine. All I needed to do was the math. My gauge was 5.6 stitches to the inch compared to the pattern’s 4.5.

I was a bit intimidated by the berry in the box stitch and swatched that as well. I discovered that it looked more complex than it was in execution. So on to the next project which was good since I was headed for Chicago.

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