Omaha Bound in Stitches

I had to go to Omaha for a short business trip. Of course, it’s important to point out that while the time in Omaha may be short, it’s difficult to get from New York City to Omaha in a short amount of time since most flights require a switch in another midwestern city. Given how frequently flights are delayed, I made sure that I had a minimum of an hour layover which translates to lots of waiting time (read: knitting time!)

In addition to the work I prepared for my trip to Omaha, I made sure that I had not only swatched but also started work on my Fishtail Lace Top which was one of two projects that I brought with me. Having learned from my recent trip to Chicago, it can be a long, yarn deprived trip without a project in the works.

This meant swatching and math to determine how I wanted to knit my Fishtail Lace Top. I thought that the model in The Point was knit too loosely. So I swatched my mercash yarn on several size needles. The swatch police would have caused trouble if they knew that I only swatched stockingknit stitch! While I hit the jackpot in terms of having the same gauge as the pattern, I decided to knit the bottom fishtail lace on number 6 Crystal Palace Bamboo circulars and to switch to number 5s for the eyelet lace top. Unlike the pattern, I’ve decided to reduce the number of stitches for the ribbing at the top.

Fishtail Lace Top on the needles

Fishtail Lace Top on the needles

For my second or backup project, I brought my Origami Cardi. Having finished the back of the Origami Cardi, I made sure that the first of the front panels was started before I left.

Origami Cardi in Process

Origami Cardi – Front panel on the needles

I found that having these two projects was a good knitting strategy since the Origami Cardi was relatively easy straight knitting while the Fishtail Lace Top required concentration until I got the hang of the 6 row repeat.

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