Nature Knits Spider Threads on Fire Island

It’s been a rather grey week at the beach. Between breaks in the rain, we’ve taken in the stormy ocean. We’ve spent more time bunkered in near the dune than the water’s edge which has been more of a cliff, about 3 feet above the ocean’s lips.  Even the New York Times thought that the less than optimal beach weather was worth commenting on in a story titled “For Those in a Month of Discontent, Weather Records Are Going the Wrong Way.” Fortunately, we had lots of work, reading and knitting to keep us busy!

Arising from the morning fog, the landscape is decorated with natural tinsel woven by spiders, the original knitters. The morning mist left its residue of watery pearls on these extensive webs. Amazing how fast these small critters create their delicate designs. Too bad this glorious lace is too delicate to wear! (I’m hoping that Norah Gaughan captures some of this beauty in her future patterns.)

Spider Webs in Fire Island (1)


 Spider Webs in Fire Island (1) 

Spider Webs in Fire Island (2)

Spider Webs in Fire Island (2)

Spider Webs in Fire Island (3)

Spider Webs in Fire Island (3)

Spider Webs in Fire Island (4)

 Spider Webs in Fire Island (4)

Spider Webs in Fire Island (5)

 Spider Webs in Fire Island (5)


Spider Webs in Fire Island (6)

  Spider Webs in Fire Island (6)

For our last day at the beach, the sun’s warmth is breaking through. My boyfriend and I took a walk along the deserted beach enjoying its emptiness before the weekend revelers start to arrive later today.

Smooth Shore

Later in the day, I was able to enjoy the water from a closer vantage point. I used the time to work out the details of the top of my Mason Dixon Nightie. From a knitting perspective, the day got damp which I’m sure had an impact on the knitted material.

Chairs inching towards the shore

Beach spot – Ideal locale for knitting and enjoying nature.

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