Mason Dixon After Dark Nightie-The Saga Continues…

Due to the improved weather on Fire Island, I was able to accomplish some hard knitting on the beach. As a result, I finished both the front and back of my nightie to the armhole!

Knitting in the Fire Island Dunes

Nestled in the dunes to stay out of the wind in Fire Island and knit

 Mason Dixon After Dark Nightie on the Beach

Mason Dixon After Dark Nightie makes progress on the Fire Island beach

Due to the chill that’s lingered on the beach, I’ve got my Misti Alpaca rolled neck sweater just in case. It was another Summer of 2007 project. I bought the Misti Alpaca 80% pima cotton/20% silk in Los Angeles at the Knit Cafe.

Since I decided not to use the recommended bra straps, I required paper and pencil to figure out the specifics of the tank top straps. Based on my measurements, I allowed for a 7 1/2 inch armhole.  To add to its s*x appeal, I started the neckline six rows after I started my bind off. I’m making the front and back the same.


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