Laced-Front Sweater Knitted Up

Back from my two day San Francisco trek, I indulged in an afternoon at The Point with my knitting friends. It seemed like I hadn’t been around for ages!

I took the day off from working (which is easy to do when you take a red eye from the west coast) and need to get a few extra hours of sleep that you’ve missed. Waiting in the San Francisco Airport for my New York bound flight, I used my time productively to knit the Dad Vest and talk to my sister in Los Angeles.

With my “free” time, I finished knitting the sleeves of the Lace-Front Sweater. Here’s a photo of the sweater with the fronts and back attached. Of course, I still have to knit the i-cord, sew the pieces and crochet around the edge to allow for the closure.

Lace-Front Sweater Body and Sleeves Knitted

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