Laced-Front Sweater Comes Together

One of the benefits of knitting the Laced-Front Sweater is learning how to do an i-cord, which, after the initial thrill of creating a cord, is rather boring and best accomplished on subways and other means of transportation.

i-cord for Laced-Front Sweater

I-cord in process

At Jennifer’s recommendation, I measured the placement of the loops for the laced-front at home where I could determine the best placement and check how they looked in a mirror. My finance thought that the orange and green stitch markers I used to hold the sweater together added to the look!

In terms of sweater’s finishing, my gripe with the Knitted Lingerie Style pattern is that the directions stated to make five loops while the photo showed 6. After completing my sweater, I regretted not having another set of loops to extend the lacing.

Despite my issues and pattern modifications, I’m happy with how my Laced-Front Sweater turned out! The Brook Farms Harmony was a great substitute yarn for this pattern. The ribbing created a wonderful design although the broken rib stitches don’t really show through the colors.

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