Knitting on Small Planes

Since rediscovering my knitting passion, I tend to view airplane trips as opportunities to knit. When I fly, I use either bamboo or plastic circular needles since they quietly pass through the TSA’s screening and they don’t cause problems if I happen to have seat companions.

On the flight from Chicago to Omaha, the gentleman across the row from me inquired about whether my knitting was a security threat. (Mind you, I was using Crystal Palace Bamboo Needles which are a combination of bamboo and plastic with metal joins.)

I must admit that I had to restrain myself from laughing out loud at the prospect! Instead, I asked if he was wearing a leather belt. When he answered in the affirmative, I told him that he could do more damage with his belt than I could with my knitting needles (which were otherwise occupied creating my Origami Cardi!)

I must admit that, in about 3 years of knitting on planes, this was the first time that anyone had questioned whether my knitting needles were safe!

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