Knitting Across Oak Park – Soccer Moms, Mexican Food, Cappucino and Beads

Oak Park VisitAs an added bonus to my Omaha trip, I stopped in Chicago on my way home to visit close friends in Oak Park where I can have stuffed pizza and Mexican food!

On the trip from Omaha to Chicago, I sat opposite a woman who crocheted a baby cap while I worked on my Fishtail Lace Top. I felt that I was making great progress learning the six row repeat until I realized that the four rows that I had knit needed to be unknit! Net knitting = 0 rows! UGH!

It was a regualr Saturday for my friends and their younger son was competing in his soccer team’s playoffs. So we headed to the soccer field where I put my lace issues behind me. Bundled in folding chairs on the sidelines, I watched my friend’s younger son and his team play soccer yarn in hand. Not having children of my own, this was a new experience. While some of the parents shouted words of encouragement to their sons, the rest used the time to socialize and catch up on the latest school gossip.

Soccer Mom Knitting in Oak Park

Knitting with friends during the soccer playoffs in Oak Park.

Beyond brief words of greeting, I used the time to learn the six row repeat of the fishtail lace which I seemed to master by the end of the first match. I periodically looked up to watch the players run from one end of the field to the other impressed by the variety of red, orange and yellow trees surrounding the playing field.

After the game, we had a girls’ lunch at a local Mexican restaurant followed by coffee at The Buzz, a local cafe where I hear there’s a knitting group. The walls are filled with paintings by local artists and there are comfy chairs in the back. Unfortunately, there was a couple that appeared to be on a first date so we decided to sit at a table where we continued to catch up and I continued to add rows to my Fishtail Lace Top!

Knitting at The Buzz

Fishtail Lace Top close up with The Buzz Coffee Cup

Heidi Cohen With Knitting and Cappucino at The Buzz


Heidi Cohen in Noro vest, knitting and cappucino in hand

We surveyed a few of the local shops. I was enticed by the local bead emporium called Bead in Hand where I found materials to make some unusual stitch markers. While it wasn’t yarn, it did have a yarn use! Then we headed back to the soccer field for the next playoff game.

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