Knitting the Ties that Bind-Sisters in String

Knitters are an interesting sisterhood (I don’t mean to snub any male knitters but they tend to be a minority.) Wherever we are, knitters seem to find each other and are able to bond on the shared hobby.

Since starting to knit again three years ago, knitting has extended to fill otherwise occupied time such as using public transportation and waiting in doctors’ offices (My blood pressure decreases with the amount of time spent waiting!). I always have some “walking around” knitting hidden away in either my backpack or pocketbook. This is generally some form of knitting that requires little concentration such as a scarf or shawl.

At last night’s ClickZ Anniversary Awards Dinner, a festive occassion filled with memories of the last ten years of online marketing history, I found myself comparing knitting with two of my fellow ClickZ writers after dinner. Each of us had a WIP (work in progress) that was tucked away in our pocketbook.  Of course, knowing that I’d see my friend and partner in yarn shopping across the US, Amanda, I had my Origami Sweater with me to show her how it’s progressed since we were together in Chicago lthe week before.

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