Knitted Beginnings

Welcome to Knitted Yarns, my musings on experiments with yarn and other fibers in the pursuit of wearable art and happiness.

Despite my mother’s attempts to teach herself to knit left handed so that she show me, I wound up learning myself. One day, I bought a set of yellow plastic needles and a cone of garishly colored acryllic and just started knitting. I must have been about 13 at the time. My first affair with knitting lasted through my first year of college when I abandoned a kelly green cable sweater that my mother later finished.

At Knit Out New York 2004, I rediscovered my love for knitting . Inspired by the work I saw, I headed for Knit New York and purchased some maroon tape and needles to make a triangular scarf. Little did I realize the adventure I had stepped into…

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