Fishtail Lace Sweater Evolves

I visited The Point to check out the sample of their Fishtail Lace Top to see how the fishtail lace meets the eyelet lace used for the upper portion ot the top since the pattern has no photograph to use as a guide. I discovered that where the two sections meet there is no rhyme or reason as to how the two lace patterns come together. I’m sorry to say that this didn’t surprise me since many patterns, like many mass produced clothes, neglect these details.

Fishtail Lace Detail

Fishtail Lace Detail

Since the Fishtail Lace consists of an 8 stitch repeat and the Eyelet Rib consists of a 6 stitch repeat, it’s less surprising. With the help of Jennifer, one of the new employees, I persursed the 365 Knitting Stitches a Year perpetual calendar. After reducing my options, I decided to use the Feather Rib (November 14th on the calendar) which has a 5 stitch repeat. I like the fact that the lace portion of the rib has a vertical which is similar to that in the center of the Fishtail Lace.

When I tried on the lavendar store sample, I realized that the pattern needed modification to meet my measurements. The drawstring came through the middle of my bust, which was neither comfortable nor attractive. As a result, I decided to make the body a bit wider than usual so that it would flair under an empire waist drawstring.

I plan to reduce the number of stitches at the drawstring. Based on my size, I will go from an 8 stitche repeat to a 7 stitch repeat. This will require an adjustment to the Feather Rib. Further I intend to have the verticals (for lack of a more professional word) align. This should reduce the top to a more fitted form.

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