Dad's Noro Vest Sewn Up

One challenge in knitting a man, especially one who is over 6′ tall, is that a lot of knitting is required to cover their bodies. My dad’s vest was no exception!

Fortunately, I was able to get a lot of knitting done on my flight to and from San Francisco. Lots of flight time and waiting time can translate to significant progress on a large project. As a result, Dad’s vest is in the home stretch!

Here’s a photo of my boyfriend showing it off. The great part about Noro is how it creates its own pattern of stripes.

Dad’s Noro Vest

Despite how my boyfriend is holding the vest, it actually fits him well. He’s volunteered to give it a home if my Dad doesn’t like it. But what dad wouldn’t wear something that their daughter made? Earlier this spring, my dad had visited me for lunch. As we left the restaurant, he and the gentleman seated at the adjacent table proudly compared scarves that their daughters had made!

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