Engagement Celebrated With Yarn

About a week after we announced our engagement to our family, I decided to celebrate the occassion with my Saturday knitting friends at The Point. Over the past year or so, the women I knit with have asked me in varying ways whether Larry and I planned to get married. To this I had replied, “If my mother doesn’t ask, then neither can you!”

To go public with the news, I persuaded Larry to meet me at The Point near closing time so that we wouldn’t take away from anyone’s precise knitting time. Larry appeared about 5 minutes before closing with a bottle of champagne hidden in a cloth bag.

Due to the last minute shopping frenzy which tends to happen every Saturday, it took a bit for Larry to get the floor. He finally announced the news. That got people’s attention and I was able to show off my unconventional engagement ring.

Heidi & Larry’s Engagement

Larry (in a Heidi orignal) and Heidi at The Point

Once the gates were down, we opened the champagne and everyone toasted us. It was a very warm and welcoming feeling. I want to thank my knitting friends for their good wishes.

Heidi celebrating her engagement at The Point

Heidi raises her champagne at The Point


Heidi and the Carols

Heidi and the Carols at The Point

Engagement Party at The Point

Everyone’s celebrating Heidi & Larry’s engagement at The Point

BTW, Patty, the new manager at The Point (bottom row right) has already blogged about the event.

P.S. I’ve kept this post in draft for a while so that the rest of our friends and family could hear the news in a more personal way!

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