Dad's Vest-The Saga Begins…

Since there’s no persuading dad that he could use a new sweater, especially one knit by me, my boyfriend suggested I make my dad a vest. (Even though, every time we see him during the cooler monthes, he seems to be wearing a sweater that has made a few moths a VERY good meal!) During our summer pilgrimage to Webs, I bought four skeins of Noro’s Silver Thaw. My boyfriend helped with the colors to ensure that they were “dad-friendly”.

My father has lost weight recently so that many of his clothes hang. Therefore, the idea of “borrowing” a sweater as a guide didn’t strike me as a particularly good idea.  To my surprise, like my brother, my dad didn’t let me measure him. Instead he lent me a vest that he claimed fit just right. (I will never trust those words again!)

After testing a number of intricate stitch patterns and cables, I decided that the beauty of Noro Silver Thaw is the nature of the fiber and its colors. So I just made a plain v-neck vest based using the existing vest as a pattern. The wool has created some wonderful stripes on its own.

With this vest, I used a swatch and the measurements from the existing vest as a guide rather than a precise pattern. Lest you think that this vest just evolved on its own, I had the Interweave Handy Book of Patterns as a guide.

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