Cross Your Heart Sweater-No Longer UFO!

The Cross Your Heart Sweater has been in the UFO pile since I lost interest after I finished the knitting. Having pinned the pieces in place to see how the piece would look finished, I realized that despite the use of alpaca, the sweater is waaaaay too itchy for me. This didn’t helped my motivation one bit.

Finally, I pushed myself to sew it together! It’s a great going out top and sexy to boot. Here’s what it looks like:

Cross Your Heart Sweater

Front view of Cross Your Heart Sweater

 Cross Your Heart Sweater from the Back

Cross Your Heart Sweater from the Rear

As you can see, the Cross Your Heart Sweater has a seam up the back. This comes from the fact that have of the stitches are in reverse stocking knit so that the texture mataches back and front.

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