Changes…Knitting Lingerie Style's Lace-Front Sweater Begins

In addition to swatching for my Laced-Front Sweater from Knitting Lingerie Style (since my stitches always differ from the suggestions on labels and/or yarn websites), I’m  modifying the pattern slightly.

The Laced-Front Sweater uses negative ease to accentuate the female form. Further, it’s knit straight to the bust to highlight the corset-like form. Since I plan to wear this sweater more conservatively over shirts, I’ve added 3 sets of K2P2 ribs to the bottom. I will knit this larger number of stitches for 2 inches after which I will decrease for the waist. My aim is to diminish the gap at the bottom. I plan to do this for the back and front of the garment.

I was surprised that, between the selvage stitches, the pattern doesn’t start and end with either K2 or P2 so that the pattern is balanced on both sides. I modified my pattern notes to accommodate an additional 2 stitches. I’m using purls on the back to meet knits on the front.  (Note: I always make a copy of the pattern that I’m working on so that I can make notes as to the number of rows and where to make decreases so that sleeves match, etc. This allows me to keep my books in good condition while tracking what I’ve done.)

With this preliminary work done, I’ve eagerly plunged into my Laced-Front Sweater from Knitting Lingerie Style. The lush feel of the Brooks Farm Harmony is wonderful to work with, although I find that care is needed or the twist of the different fiber can create unwanted loops or bumps in the work.

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