Beach Knitting Again…Back to Fire Island

We’ve been able to squeeze in another couple of days on Fire Island  as the summer flickers away. While my boyfriend was windsurfing on the bay experiencing some of the best wind he’s had all summer, I’ve been seated by the ocean’s edge knitting in summer’s fleeting warmth.

Angry Ocean at Fire Island

The ocean on Fire Island reflects the winds that my boyfriend is experiencing on the bay. It’s no more Mr. Nice Guy of Summer. Lucky for me, I only want to knit in peace (i.e.-without many others around!)

Fire Island Beach Warning

No lifeguards translates to warning signs-It’s a good thing I only want to knit!

 Back to School on Fire Island Beach

Even on the Fair Harbor beach on Fire Island, you know that it’s back to school. My knitting was interrupted by the local school bus on its return journey. The upside of this bus ride is that one can get a lot of knitting accomplished on the way to school!

 Wind Blown Socks on Fire Island

Here’s a picture of my bamboo Souvenir Socks. This photo design is dedicated to the Yarn Harlot who frames her photos with her knitting. I’m making progress on these suckers. Thanks to the suggestion from a fellow knitter at my favorite knitting locale, The Point, I’m knitting the two socks at the same time. I was able to finish the heel on the ferry out to Fire Island.

Laced-Front Sweater on Fire Island Beach

In addition to my Souvenir Socks, I’m making progress on the first sleeve of my Laced-Front Sweater in Brooks Farm Harmony. I really enjoy how the sunlight plays on the hand dyed fall colors. I can’t wait until it’s finished so I can wear it in the fall sunlight!

 Setting sun over Fire Island

Getting the last rays of sun over the Fair Harbor Beach in Fire Island. It’s peaceful though the dim light and air heavy with moisture makes knitting challenging! 

Fire Island Sunset -Boat Scene

Sunset at Fair Harbor, Fire Island with sailboats in the foreground colored with reds and purples.

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  1. Beautiful pictures!

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