Bamboo Socks-Vacation Souvenir

When it comes to knitting, I must admit that I don’t get the sock thing. With the wide array of great new sock yarns and the fact that one can rationalize that it doesn’t really count as stash, I am always enticed to purchase sock yarn. Since it takes me about a year to knit a pair of socks (while it takes me about a month to knit a long sleeve sweater), I’m reticent to start.

 In July, I was in Lenox, MA where one of my “must see” stops was Colorful Stitches, a wonderful yarn store in the center of town. It has two floors of scrumptous yarns and a couple of soft sink-into-me chairs for knitters and patient friends. (My boyfriend has been lulled to sleep in one of them while I reveled in the fibers.)

Since my stash is near what I consider its upper bound, I bought two balls of Panda Cotton by Crystal Palace for a pair of socks as a memoir of this summer break. I was intrigued by the fact that it’s a combination of bamboo (55%), cotton (24%) and elastic nylon (21%). Each ball contains 170 yards which may be cutting it close for a pair of socks.

To my surprise, I’ve really gotten into knitting these socks. Maybe it’s the extreme heat in NYC this summer which has caused me to  give up knitting anything that’s wool or heavy.

As suggested by one of my fellow knitters, I’m knitting both socks at the same time, which seems to be helping me to keep going. This is despite the fact that I’m using double pointed needles, size 0.

These socks are from a basic sock pattern in an old magazine. It’s my third pair with this pattern and I’m hoping that they’ll  help me discover the sock thing. (My boyfriend loves the pair I gave him earlier this summer. He’s hinted that he’d prefer another pair of socks to another sweater! He already has three of my creations.)

Here’s a picture of the socks so far. The one on the left is about five inches and ready to start the heel.

Bamboo Socks

(Note: I am using two different types of needles. The ones on the left are Pony and the ones on the right are KA. It’s my first time using both brands. The KA needles have great points which is good since the fiber has a propensity to separate.)

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