All Sewn Up – WIP Transformed into Sweaters

Saturday, I gave myself permission to spend a full Saturday afternoon at The Point knitting without feeling guilty.

Unfortunately, Knitting Daily’s recent posts regarding UFOs (or more affectionately known as Unfinished Objects for the uninitiated) caused me to reconsider my “completed” Cross Your Heart sweater and Lace-Front sweater as UFOs.

BTW, as a marketer, I found the fact that the survey (which wasn’t statistically valid) revealed that there was no average number of UFOs interesting. In fact, the percentage of UFOs by number was relatively similar, regardless of the number. It wasn’t as if most of the knitters surveyed responded that they had 5 UFOs for example.

Personally, I tend to have one or two major projects in progress in case I get to a part that confounds me or requires significant frogging or other type of disheartening work. In addition, I’ll have a scarf or shawl and possibly a pair of socks in progress as what I refer to as “walking around projects” which translates to projects that I can carry in my pocketbook or backpack in case I have a couple of spare minutes.

As a result, what should have been blissful knitting time was transformed into blocking and sewing time. While many of my sisters in yarn might prefer quiet to concentrate on putting their works together, I prefer having company since I find the process tedious and like being able to show off my work when I’m done. The good news was that I finished my “Cross Your Heart” sweater and sewed the Lace-Front sweater together.

With regard to the Laced-Front sweater, I was concerned with the gap between the two fronts. After consulting Knitted Lingerie Style and my fellow knitters, I decided that it would look fine once I finished the i-cord and crocheted edging.

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  1. nice work, bro

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